Get pregnant faster no matter your weight

You are not "too fat" to conceive a baby.

Together let's go beyond weight, find out and address the root cause of your fertility issues.

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Learn tools and techniques to help speed up getting pregnant.

Booking & Advice

Learn tools and techniques to help speed up getting pregnant.

Overweight is a symptom and not a cause

Have you been refused fertility treatment because of your weight?

Have you received the "too fat to get pregnant diagnosis"?

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and told it will be too hard to conceive naturally?

Being overweight is not the root cause of your fertility issues but just another symptom of an underlying root cause.

With us, you are safe and free from shame and blame.

Our method helped many women to conceive healthy babies who were struggling for years to get pregnant before they worked with us.

Getting pregnant is just the beginning. We want you to experience an enjoyable pregnancy and be able to hold a beautiful baby in your arms.

Are you ready to get this belly of yours growing?

We can help you with 

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


IVF Support

Uterine Fibroids

Advanced Maternal Age


Unexplained Infertility


How often have you heard that you just need to lose weight to get pregnant? Here at alternatIVF you won't get shamed and blamed but we look behind the curtain and help you to treat the root cause of your fertility issues.


Our personalised approach, based on your unique biology, is designed to uncover the missing pieces of your fertility puzzle.


We take the time to empower you with clarity around the lifestyle changes that need to be done to get you pregnant and create a healthy menstrual cycle for good.


alternatIVF blends mindfulness with holistic health coaching. We get you pregnant but also make sure sure you experience a joyful and healthy pregnancy.

How It Works

Truly heal… from the inside out! If you’re trying to do the right thing but you’re still not getting pregnant, we will help you understand why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and what you can do to heal your womb. Our focus is never on losing weight (although most clients experience "magic" weight loss quickly when working with us) but to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

Infertility is a symptom, overweight is a symptom, PCOS is a collection of symptoms, and all have underlying root causes.

Healing the reproductive system is like an onion. Sometimes you have to peel back the issues one layer at a time, getting deeper and deeper until you hit the root cause of your fertility problems.

Improving your fertility and getting pregnant is not a quick fix. This is not your typical ’10-day magical cure’. Our method is a long-term solution that allows you to go at your own pace and get pregnant.

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  • miscarriage
  • bloating
  • digestive issues
  • headaches
  • foggy-brain
  • lethargy
  • muscle and joint pain
  • sleep disturbance
  • skin disorders
  • and more

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Success Stories

See What Our Baby Mummas Say


C.S. Lewis

"I was trying for 2 years altogether now I have a 6 mth old. Thank you so much Carmen. Forever grateful."



"I was definitely struggling with it all. I just wanted someone to say "Yes you do have PCOS but give it a couple of months and you'll be pregnant!" My cycles were wacky and had a shorter luteal phase when ttc no.1. Took us forever to get pregnant. I wasn't prepared to wait for no.2 another 5 years. I'm so grateful I've found alternatIVF. With Carmen's help we fixed my cycle and got pregnant in 5 months with no.2."


Tiana Andrews

"We were expecting a long journey of TTC as I'm 36 and have PCOS. I still can't believe I fell pregnant after 3 months on alternatIVF's program. We are planning our nursery right now. Can't wait for our little baby boy to arrive."

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About Me

Meet Carmen

I'm a certified Nutrition and Health Coach and expert in fertility, wholefoods nutrition and mindfulness practise.

I'm also a mother of two beautiful children, stepmom to one gorgeous young lady, and wife to my Australian husband.

I was born and raised in Germany (which explains my "little" accent). At the age of 15, I was put on hormonal birth control to regulate my periods. I've stayed on it for over 15 years without ever questioning it. In my early twenties, I've developed many strange symptoms. I had no idea where they were coming from and not one single doctor seemed to have a proper answer. I suffered from acne all over my body, unexplained heart palpitations and sinus issues, the worst bloating imaginable, constipation, too much abdominal fat, cold hand and feet even in summer, thin and brittle hair and nails, constant flues, and the list goes on.

Fast forward through endless GPs and gynos, too many blood labs to count, gastroenterologists, I still had no answers for my symptoms. All specialists seemed to work with symptom control rather than root cause discovery. Desperate to find a cure I turned the other way and saw naturopaths, well-meaning healers, life coaches and psychologists.

When I finally got diagnosed with coeliac disease I felt relieved to have found the answer to what put me through years of pain and agony. Unfortunately, I didn't know at the time that this was far from the truth. I had discovered just one part of the puzzle. My body needed 2 years to recover from years on the pill and other damages to finally allow me to become pregnant. In this time I cut out gluten and had a very hard look at the rest of my diet. But during pregnancy, I let it all go because I told myself "You will get fat anyway, so what's the point." Let me tell you, what a mistake. When my baby girl lied in my arms, the acne was bad, my stomach was bloated as always, and the heart palpitations had gotten so bad that it started to scare me. I suffered from hair loss and my period didn't return for another 16 months. When it finally returned I thought I'm dying of internal bleeding. My period was so heavy that I couldn't leave the house. I had to change my tampon hourly. I've ordered extra-thick tampons all the way from Germany to get through the first few days without being stuck to the house.

I gained an unbelievable 25 kg with each pregnancy. Both times I dropped not more than 4 kg when leaving the hospital which was approx. my baby's weight. You won't believe my disappointment. It's not fair how lucky some women are and just lose pregnancy weight without lifting a single finger. "Breastfeeding will make the weight come off," they said. "Just give it time," they said. Blablablabla. What a whole heap of BS. I've never had the best relationship to food but now I've found myself in a never-ending diet and binge eating cycle. It seemed that as harder I've tried to get rid of fat that I didn't invite in the first place as quicker it slipped back on my body. My stomach seemed to be fat's favourite place to stick around.

And as you wouldn't be punished enough you're getting tormented by infertility.

Dealing with infertility is hard and such an emotional roller coaster. Money aside, mental health is deteriorating rapidly. Ask any woman with fertility problems if they are going insane, I don't think they'll need to answer you. You'll see it in their tears. You are rapidly becoming the person people dread telling they’re pregnant. On top of that, your relationship suffers as sex on the clock is the biggest turn off in the history of seeking pleasure. I don't know when the pleasure part disappears but be sure it does.

I do know the pain and misery caused by devastating and unexplained symptoms. You're feeling alone, helpless, and angry at the whole world. On my own journey to health and motherhood, I became a certified nutrition & health coach and mindfulness coach to help women with fertility struggles. I'm also trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy and meditation practise. I'm using a combination of all above to holistically heal my client's wombs to maximise their chances of getting pregnant naturally. Together we focus on your body's innate capability to heal without medical intervention. Therefore my husband and I came up with the business name alternatIVF as we see ourselves as an alternative to IVF.

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